Sílvia Turmo


Sílvia was a very chatty, home-loving and calm girl.
Her passion have always been books, for this reason her favorite day is San Jordi!
As a child she was very good at school, enjoyed music lessons, learning new languages ​​and participating in theater plays and, of course, in the end-of-year show.
She likes to be surrounded by family enjoying simple pleasures like the tranquility and the fresh air in Empordà.
She is happy playing the guitar, reading, riding a bicycle and sharing time with her two kids, Bruna and Teo.

Together they created an endless world in their playroom and it was then where the seed of Petita Escola was born.

Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Codi de Centre 08073818
info@petitaescola.cat   Carrer Gomis, 26 08023 Barcelona.
Telèfon: 674005901

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