Teaching crew

Petita Escola has more staff in the workforce than the one determined by current legislation.

We have specialists in pedagogy, early childhood education and child educational techniques, English specialists, psychomotricity specialists and a music specialist. All of our staff is qualified and we work together to create, adapt and improve our educational project.

We are a school that learns and listens through self-analysis, self-criticism, continuous training. Internal and external evaluation are tools that help us move forward and work for the educational quality of our school.

Natalia Turmo

Sílvia Turmo
Àfrica Vives
English Speaking Teacher
Cristina Martínez
English Speaking Teacher i Especialista Psicomotricita
Judith Montañés
Mestra a l’aula 1-2 anys
Isabel Ferreras
Laura Canosa
Mestra a l’aula 2-3 anys
Maite Vázquez
Mestra a l’aula 0-1 anys
Meritxell Martínez
Especialista Psicomotricitat
Marta Carbó
Mestra a l’aula 1-2 anys
Pepi Martínez
Araceli Maza
English speaking teacher
Laia Cabré
English speaking teacher
Raquel Pagès
Music specialist

Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Codi de Centre 08073818
info@petitaescola.cat   Carrer Gomis, 26 08023 Barcelona.
Telèfon: 674005901

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