Natalia Turmo


Natalia was born in Barcelona. She was a smiling, curious and affectionate girl.
She  was always willing to live adventures, make mischief or invent new games.
As a child she liked to play with dolls and act as a teacher; vocation that has persisted over the years.
Dancing and listening to music have always been two of her favorite hobbies, even before walking she already danced!
The baths in the sea of ​​the Costa Brava, the walks in the mountains and being with her family and friends are some of the things that she likes the most.
Now she is mother to a girl, Paula, whom she loves madly.

Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Codi de Centre 08073818   Carrer Gomis, 26 08023 Barcelona.
Telèfon: 674005901

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