Pepi Martínez


Pepi, what she liked most as a child was dancing, singing and playing kitchens! In her house, the Three Kings brought trains, cars, circuits and balls, … things that they did not leave in their female friends’ houses; It looks like they were “boys games” but she loved them.
As she was born in front of the mountains, she liked to go for a walk there from time to time to look for fireflies. She was the apple of her father’s eyes, with whom she shared many moments.
Now she is still a sociable, mountain and nature lover woman who keeps looking for moments of solitude to walk and observe landscapes. Two of her hobbies are poetry and Reiki.

Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Codi de Centre 08073818   Carrer Gomis, 26 08023 Barcelona.
Telèfon: 674005901

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