Àfrica Vives

English Speaking Teacher
Africa since childhood has been a great animal lover and feels fascination with nature. Getting lost in the woods and exploring the world have always been two of her hobbies. As a child she looked for alone moments so she could “travel” with stories when she would think about life. Curious, sensitive and empathetic, one of her hopes is to create a child NGO in one of her favorite countries, Costa Rica. In love with her family, she married Pablo, with whom she enjoys walking Django, her dog, and watching her son, Nuno, grow up. She loves skiing, watching the snow fall while sitting by the fireplace, listening to good music and talking with her friends while trying to fix the world.

Departament d’Educació de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Codi de Centre 08073818
info@petitaescola.cat   Carrer Gomis, 26 08023 Barcelona.
Telèfon: 674005901

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